Unlocking Video Power At Vimeo

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Anjali Sud, 

CEO, Vimeo
age: 38
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Anjali Sud took over as CEO of Vimeo in 2017 and transitioned it from B2C to B2B. The pandemic accelerated the validation for the brand’s software and tools. It was when the working world started migrating towards the behaviour Vimeo always believed in: Video becoming a powerful tool to communicate with employees worldwide. “The post pandemic time is the most challenging time to come back to,” says Sud.
The brand helps in content creation using its mobile app tools, templates, music and AI, and also distributes the licensed footage across LinkedIn, META, Facebook, Twitter etc. The videos can be embedded in the proprietary website and hosted internally. “You can do all of it in a DIY with your browser at an accessible price,” says Sud.
Vimeo Events for virtual events and webinars, Vimeo’s video library solutions termed as Internet for Work are some of the innovations that the company has added to its suite of services. It also brought in enterprise-grade solutions to videos through partnerships with Apple and Google Cloud Marketplace, after partnering with TikTok to integrate its tools on the social platform.
Vimeo’s revenues jumped 38% year on year to $392 million in 2021. It had over 265 million users in more than 190 countries at the end of 2021, with 89% of Fortune 500 companies having at least one Vimeo account.