Testing and learning from mistakes: Maquivar of Mars Wrigley


The COVID-19 disruptions, followed by the uncertainty created by the Russia-Ukraine war, has forced global chocolate major Mars Wrigley to become far more experimentative. “I am no longer waiting for perfection. It is about testing and learning from our mistakes. This is allowing us to be faster and be more creative,” says Blas Maquivar, president (global emerging markets), Mars Wrigley.

Maquivar says that an appetite to take risks has never been as important as it is now. “If we don’t build that muscle of risk-taking, decisiveness and agility, then we are always going to be three steps behind the situation, we will always be late in answering our consumers and customers. And, when you are late, you will be behind in the race and lose your competitiveness.”

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