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Sarvesh Shashi, 

Founder, Sarva, Sarva
age: 27
His tryst with Yoga began by chance, but he sure has taken it places. Shashi, who at 17 stepped in for his dad who was too busy to attend yoga classes he had already paid for, has crafted a scaleable entrepreneurial venture based on yoga. Founded in 2013, Sarva runs a chain of 91 yoga studios with 16,000 members across India where trained instructors teach 25 forms of yoga to customers aged 2-92. The venture has attracted plenty of investors. National fitness chain Talwalkars invested in the company in 2015. It has attracted foreign investors like international chain Zumba Fitness. The list also includes celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, her fiancé and baseball legend Alex Rodriguez, former MTV Networks chairman Bill Roedy, and Pi Capital CEO David Giampaolo. Sarva has also established Diva Yoga, a brand targeted at women, with Bollywood celebrity Malaika Arora as a co-founder. It has also entered into an arrangement with the Blackstone Group, under which it will open studios in malls owned by the private equity giant across cities. Ask CEO Shashi the secret of his success and he attributes it to the five promises he made to his guruji nine years ago: no violence, no lies, no covetous thoughts, no intoxicants, and celibacy.