Two new-age companies – Delhi-based CrisprBits, a biotech start-up specialising in CRISPR gene-editing and Goa-based Molbio Diagnostics, a pioneer in point-of-care diagnostic solutions - have joined hands to introduce CRISPR in Point-of-Care (POC) tests.

While CrisprBits will spearhead the development of its platform, PathCrisp, for Point-of-Care testing, Molbio will leverage its large-scale manufacturing capability and well-established sales and marketing network to promote and distribute the developed POC tests worldwide.

"The reimagination of health systems in India has to ride on a central role played by 'pervasive' diagnostic tests POCTs (Point-of-care tests) that are light on instruments, affordable and designed for ease of use by community health workers. This would enable better preventive care and early detection interventions in treatment. This innovation has to be driven in the LMICs (Low and Middle Income Countries) as developed economies have legacy infrastructure that addresses these issues with access to labs or clinics at a different scale. By teaming up with Molbio Diagnostics, we are combining our innovations in instrument-light CRISPR POCTs to develop and distribute a new generation of tests that are pervasive and will enable early detection and timely treatment," Dr. Vijay Chandru, chief scientific officer and co-founder, CrisprBits, says.

The collaboration will focus on building POCTs for swift and accurate detection of various pathogens and genetic markers at the site for a wide range of disease and health conditions. The tests will be made available in diverse settings, including clinics, hospitals, and resource-limited areas, where access to reliable diagnostic tools is crucial.

“This collaboration aligns perfectly with our overarching mission to provide reliable and accessible point-of-care diagnostic solutions that empower healthcare professionals globally," says Dr. Chandrashekar Nair, chief technical officer, Molbio.

CrisprBits is one of the first Indian companies using CRISPR, a breakthrough gene-editing technology, to develop high-quality solutions in the life sciences. Molbio Diagnostics is India’s first ‘unicorn’ in the medical technology sector that manufactures Truelab Real-Time Quantitative micro PCR system that allows Real-Time PCR testing possible in all laboratories, in the field and near-patient settings, thereby decentralizing and democratising access to molecular diagnostics. This automated platform is deployed in over 6,000 PHC/CHCs in India and over 1500 testing centers in more than 40 countries around the world.

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