MARILYN MONROE once said that given the right shoes, a girl can conquer the world. Chennai-based psychologist Mini Rao says there’s a relationship between the heels a woman wears and her personality. “The right shoe can make a woman feel powerful, confident, attractive, and everything else,” she says.

Deepikaa Jindal, managing director, JSL Lifestyle, prefers closed footwear such as ballerinas and loafers at work, but also wears platform heels. “My favourites are YSL, Tod’s, and Fratelli Rossetti.” Nothing works better than wedges for Vishakha Doshi, director, Mont Blanc India. She usually goes for neutral shades, but likes a dash of colour once in a while. Smriti Kumar, director, Red Mango India, a frozen yoghurt retailer, also prefers wedge heels. “As I am always on the move while working, I have to keep my feet comfortable,” she says. “I usually wear chunky heels or a stylish, yet functional, pair of wedge heels.”

Fortune India and Rao decode the heels and the women.

1. Stilettos

These are the highest of all the heels, going up to 8 inches. Being thin, they are low on stability. So, women wearing stilletos would be high on self-esteem and clear about what they want and how to go about getting it. They are disposed to be sophisticated, high on confidence about their looks, and successful. They keep themselves updated on fashion trends. Used to being pampered, they look for attention.

2. Kittens

Audrey Hepburn’s kitten heels were a talking point and Michelle Obama loves them too. These heels were first introduced in 1950s and have never fallen off the radar. Also called short stilletos, these have a thin base but are set low in the centre from the heel. Women in kitten heels are likely to be fun loving, creative, and unpredictable.

3. Wedges

They run from the front of the sandals to the back, are thicker at the heels and flatter at the toes. Women who prefer these are likely to be casual, relaxed, and sporty. Straightforward and confident, they like to be in control. They are also likely to constantly seek trust and reliability in relationships.

4. Chunky

Chunky heels achieve a middle path of maintaining the fashion quotient of a stilleto while being more comfortable to wear than thin heels. Women who go for chunky heels are likely to be generous and cheerful. They tend to be optimistic but can be brash and opinionated.

5. Spools

These are broad at the soles, get narrower in the middle, and broader again near the base. Women who wear these heels are those who juggle career, family, and social life with ease.
But they tend to panic when things don’t move smoothly and find it difficult to adjust to any changes.

6. Cones

They are round and broader at the sole of the shoes but narrow as they go down. They also vary in height. Women who love cone heels are likely to be prim and proper, a tad old-fashioned and even formal. Rarely will they veer from the rule.

7. Low

Women who prefer low heels are determined and focussed, setting goals for themselves and working diligently towards achieving them. They have a rebellious streak. They prefer a subtle sexiness in the way they dress and carry themselves.

8. Flats

Flats, especially sandals, are popular with Indians. These shoes hint at a woman who is practical and down to earth. Although kind, considerate, and affable, conversations with such women can turn boring at times.

9. Stilleto Boots

These make quite a fashion statement. Stilleto boots can sometimes rest on less than a square centimetre on the ground. Women with a preference for stilleto boots are likely to be attention seeking and self absorbed. Humility isn’t one of their stronger traits.

10. Flat Boots

They are dependable, versatile, and can hold out against rough weather. These have low heels or no heels at all. Women who prefer comfort and effortless style love them. They are likely to be reserved and egocentric. Women who go for flat boots are independent, smart, and sensitive. They are careful about their relationships with people they work with and have a strong dislike for rude colleagues and bosses.

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