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As in life, nothing stays the same in business either. New technologies are taking over the world at warp speed, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for traditional businesses to stay relevant. So how do they cope?

In the latest issue of the magazine, we explore the future of business through three different threads: rebooting conglomerates, the changing face of family offices, and India as the next innovation hub.

Over the past couple of decades, conglomerates have taken a bad rap. After their meteoric rise in the 1960s, they’ve now become something the market shies away from. Today, the question is: Are conglomerates relevant, and even necessary, any longer? Or is the model broken and is it better for businesses to be divided into smaller, nimble-footed companies?

Most importantly, does all this even apply to Indian business? India may not have seen a similar rise and fall as the U.S., it does have a long history of conglomerates. And at a time when global forces do impact local decisions, what’s happening in the U.S. could well affect India’s own companies.

Aveek Datta’s story on the future of conglomerates answers all these questions and more.

Separately, a story by Ashish Gupta, Jui Mukherjee, and Deepti Chaudhary finds out how family offices are emerging as a major tool by which India’s uber rich are attempting to increase their wealth.

There is also a story on how India is slowly becoming the chosen destination for business behemoths from around the world to do their research and development.

Editor Sourav Majumdar, deputy editor Ashish Gupta, and Senior editor Debabrata Das discuss this and more from the August issue.

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