Listing of SolarArise on LSE turning point of career: 40u40 2024 Tanya Singhal


Tanya Singhal, who featured in the 2024 edition of Fortune India's 40 under 40 list, talked about her entrepreneur journey in the energy, resources, and infrastructure (ERI) industries. Tanya, a B.Tech graduate from IIT-Delhi and the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, founded and successfully sold renewable energy platform SolarArise, with its asset now listed as a part of a trust on the London Stock Exchange, and started a new venture, Mynzo Carbon, a tech platform focussed on driving climate consciousness in the masses.

Speaking to Fortune India, Tanya says that the decision to list SolarArise, after successfully running it for 8 years, as part of a trust on the London Stock Exchange was the turning point of her career.

“We were the first firm to get listed as an infrastructure trust for renewable energy assets in India. That was one turning point which culminated a decade long sustainability journey for me and put SolarArise on the map of the world,” she says.

Talking about a difficult phase of her career, Tanya said, “In 2010, I did a study which said that solar would be cheaper than coal. And to give you a perspective, at that time, solar prices were ₹18 a unit and coal was anywhere around ₹4-5 a unit.”

“Everybody laughed at me and thought this is just a consultant fantasy. And for me, that was the first time that I saw solar as something that could be done. That was the problem that I stayed with which made me start my entrepreneur journey and Solar Arise was born.”

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