In a few hours, we would crown the next FIFA World Cup winners. But I’ve already crowned my deadly duo. And they’re here to stay.

If you think I’m talking about Luka Modric or Kylian Mbappé, you couldn’t be further from the truth. My winners for this World Cup were my humble iPad and the SonyLIV streaming app. Thanks to them, I could follow the late-night matches in bed, without disturbing a soul.

While both the device and streaming apps were around even during the 2014 edition, it didn’t work that well—and of course, streaming apps have exploded in the past two years.

But I’m not planning to watch the final on so small a screen; for that, I am going to use the powers of the BenQ TK800 projector. Not only is it able to stream 4K content (I watched Return of the Jedi from the original Star Wars trilogy, yay!), but also has very decent sound output. That said, I’ll keep my sound bar handy, just in case.

I’m taking no chances. Not only is my TATASky box connected to the projector, I also have the Amazon Fire Stick connected as well, just in case it starts raining and we lose the DTH signal. In case of a power cut, I will have to rely on my favourite duo—the iPad and the app.

With friends coming over to watch the match, there has to be beer. But this time we’re drinking it in special Budweiser cups—shout out “Goal” and the base of the cup starts glowing red.

Image : BenQ

I did spot some fans drinking out of these cups while I watched the matches, and indeed a few of them were glowing. However, don't expect these glasses to last till the next World Cup in Qatar. The battery in these plastic cups rarely last beyond a match—I ended up exhausting the battery once in exasperation, while watching Argentina take their own sweet time in getting themselves knocked out of the tournament.

I’ve a lot of empathy for those who bought tees to support their favourite teams at the beginning of the World Cup. My Argentina and Spain tees are hanging in the closet, while a friend is, I’ve been told, desperately trying to fashion a Portugal jersey into that of Croatia. Good luck with that.

To impress my friends, I have been asking Amazon’s Alexa random questions about the World Cup. She has predicted France will win the final. While I’m waiting to find out if she qualifies as a soothsayer, I’ve decided to wear a blue/indigo tee. That way, if France wins, I can say I was supporting Les Bleus; if Croatia wins the trophy, I can always say my tee was the colour of the winning team’s away jersey.

Image : Budweiser

So here’s my World Cup final checklist. Projector? Check. Beer and beer cups? Check; attire? Check. Electric back-up? Praying to the good sense of the electric company, with survival kit of charged iPads in place. Rain check? Amazon Fire Stick with app as backup. Playlist? Football anthems downloaded on phone; to be streamed to wireless speakers.

If things get too intense, I’m going to suggest we switch to Comicstaan on Amazon Prime. And keep some calming music ready just in case.

But some friends have expressed their inability to attend. You see, they’ve already bought tickets—not to the match though. These people have bought tickets to movie theatres screening the final. And some prefer to watch it on big screens at their clubs.

I’m set to watch the World Cup finals with my buddies, with technology as my ally. How are you planning to watch it? Let’s bring out the popcorn (or the beer), or crack the bubbly, and let the game begin. May the best team win.

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