WHO SAID FLASE RUN-UPS were for bowlers? In its eagerness to commemorate batsman Sachin Tendulkar’s historic 100th century, Coca-Cola’s marketing team could not wait for the big moment. It was early March when Tendulkar last scored a hundred (in the 2011 ICC World Cup). A combination of fatigue, injury, and a disastrous tour of England in general meant the stats still read: 51 Test hundreds and 48 one-day international centuries. But a Coca-Cola spokesperson says the company had already brought out nine special edition cans in August, each emblazoned with a special ‘Tribute to Sachin 100/100’ logo celebrating a different century by Sachin, selected by the man himself. It’s also the first time in India that Coca-Cola has featured a celebrity on their cans. The tenth can, if all went to plan, was to be launched once Tendulkar reached three figures in England (he came close with 91 in his last outing). But Coke says that it will wait for the big moment, to launch the tenth can. Truly, no one can predict the twists and turns in this game of glorious uncertainties.

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