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Anushka Sharma, 30

Co-founder, Clean Slate Films

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It isn’t uncommon for film actors to use their skills to enthral audiences and build a legion of fans that give them currency in the form of brand value. But few actors, in the initial part of their careers, learn the ropes of the trade, including how a film is distributed and marketed as a consumer product, and seek to build a business based on such knowledge. Yet that is exactly what Anushka Sharma, 30, has sought to do, as she juggles her acting career, brand endorsements, production house, and fashion label. Sharma calls herself an “accidental actor”. The star of blockbuster films like PK and Sultan says she had never planned to become an actor, let alone start producing films. But she has not only made a mark as a top actress, but also carved a niche for herself as a producer of films with offbeat stories, in a short span of time.