Building blocks of a monopoly

NBCC has grown brick by brick, thanks to its unique business model for government infrastructure and housing projects.


Global teachers, local lessons

India-born CEOs of global software giants are showing the way ahead to the industry back home.


Tata Motors gears up for a new ride

The company is identified with the cars and trucks it makes. But its defence strategy could change things. The Kestrel, an armoured carrier it built for the Indian army, is a sign of things to come.


To infinity and beyond

Space designer and entrepreneur Susmita Mohanty believes that space is not the final frontier. But even as she looks beyond the horizon, she’s working to make India’s space programme commercially profitable.


Sànnu. Ibaulachi. Bawo. Hello, Africa

Whatever the language, it’s the connection that matters. Meet Ramesh Awtaney, the man connecting Africa to the world. His story, from dealmaker to entrepreneur, is a lesson in old-fashioned networking.


NSE’s relationships have suffered: Limaye 

It has been less than a month since Vikram Limaye took charge as MD and CEO of NSE and he is already putting in 17 hours a day. He has a long to-do list which he says is a good thing. 


Do not disrupt: The Oberoi fights back

At 87, P.R.S. ‘Biki’ Oberoi faces the most challenging period in his career. One threat comes from a familiar foe: big hotel chains, and the other from an upstart: technology. The hotelier’s response: He was to close one of his most profitable properties for two years to renovate. Will his bold move pay off?