Shadow of safeguard duty looms above solar projects

Adani Group is a part of four other solar panel manufacturers who sought protection against Chinese and Malaysian imports.


Relay trucking drives in 

With its tech-enabled relay-trucking model, Rivigo has shaken up the almost moribund road transport sector. This may be just what logistics players need to drive into the future. 


When a banker becomes a builder

Housing for all is not just a slogan for ex-banker Rajesh Krishnan. His company, Brick Eagle, offers funding as well as other help to builders. the result: affordable homes, and a thriving business.


Playing to a capacity crowd 

A digital platform is aiming to solve a common problem that entrepreneurs face: under utilization of their production facilities.


Allocating Resources 

Zaveri’s NRB Bearings, in essence, makes one product. Yet she has found ways to not put all eggs in one basket. 


The heir takes over 

As Nisaba Godrej begins her stint as the boss of the company where she worked  for a decade, here’s what she will have to contend with. 


Skybridge to local cultures 

Grand artworks and emphasis on design have helped private-operated airports in Mumbai and Delhi stand apart—and even change the perception of India’s infrastructure to an extent. Inspired, the Airports Authority of India is seeking to give government-run airports even in tier II cities a makeover.