Online brokerage Zerodha founder Nithin Kamath took to social media to disclose today that approximately six weeks ago, he suffered a "mild stroke". While not confirming reasons behind the stroke, he believes a combination of factors might have contributed to it. Kamath mentioned that during the episode, his face drooped, and he faced challenges in reading and writing. The billionaire expects a full recovery within 3 to 6 months.

“Around 6 weeks ago, I had a mild stroke out of the blue. Dad passing away, poor sleep, exhaustion, dehydration, and overworking out —any of these could be possible reasons,” Kamath shares in a post via micro-blogging platform X.

“I've gone from having a big droop in the face and not being able to read or write to having a slight droop but being able to read and write more. From being absent-minded to more present-minded. So, 3 to 6 months for full recovery,” the post adds.

Despite being an advocate for fitness on social media, the stroke made Kamath reassess his lifestyle choices. He questions why a fit person like himself could be affected, and the doctor advised him to recognise "when to scale back". Despite feeling slightly broken, Kamath says he remains committed to maintaining his treadmill routine.

Kamath, who frequently emphasises the importance of a healthy lifestyle, highlighted the efforts of the Kamaths’ foundation ‘Rainmatter’, in supporting initiatives promoting healthier choices for Indians. He introduced ‘Fittr’, a company leveraging technology and human coaches to assist people with nutrition and fitness.

Earlier, the Zerodha founder had stressed the significance of strength training for increased health span, noting the relatively low percentage of Indians engaging in regular gym workouts. He also talked about the role of morning workouts in making better food choices throughout the day, sharing that it also serves as a bonding exercise with his wife, Seema, a cancer survivor. He had earlier shared a heartwarming post on his LinkedIn account. The young entrepreneur, in his post, shared about his wife Seema’s breast cancer diagnosis in November 2021.

“Seema, my wife, was diagnosed with breast cancer last Nov. She decided to share her journey & learnings till now to create awareness on cancer & the importance of regular health checkups, health insurance & overall health & well being. Happy Women's Day,” read the post by Kamath.

“I am Seema, and I am, or maybe was the healthiest and fittest person I knew. I absolutely did everything possible to be healthy and I thought nothing could physically slow me down until I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Nov 2021. Stage 2 cancer and not more than 2 years old. The last few months since my diagnosis have been a blur and an emotional roller coaster. I was in shock, and maybe I am still,” read the opening lines of Seema in a blog post in which she shares her inspiring journey and a need to have conversations related to cancer.

She underscored the importance of individuals diagnosed with cancer openly sharing their experiences with the world, aiming to break down the stigma associated with cancer. Seema had also provided a comprehensive narrative of her experience with cancer in her blog post. Kamath concluded by acknowledging that perfect health is not guaranteed in life and emphasised the importance of regular checkups to detect issues early on.

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