Artificial Intelligence has come of age and is set to transform every aspect of our lives. It is the “Age of With” where humans and machines work together. It is a future where humans are aided, enhanced, and augmented by A.I. ushering in an age of digital–human symbiosis. The power of automation and A.I. lies in re-imagining the way traditional industries function. This is especially true for the future of work. In the coming years, mundane daily tasks will become fully automated. With repetitive tasks taken care of, employees can focus their energies on high-value customer-oriented tasks and collaborations.

The designs of workplaces and workflows will also change with the implementation of A.I. technology. In a conversation with Fortune India, Saurabh Kumar, Partner, Deloitte India, talks about how our future workplaces could look like, which could open up challenges related to reskilling and fast-paced digital adoption.

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