The Third-World country is on its way up / As the First-World fights from this mighty steep hump.

That’s rap from the Leeman Brothaz, written exclusively for Fortune India about India. The Leeman Brothaz— Ted Papadopoulos (an ex-mortgage banker based in New Jersey) and Matt Sausmer (a commercial producer in advertising from New York)—put phrases such as ‘mortgage-backed securities’, ‘credit default swaps’, and ‘quantitative easing’ into the rap lexicon. Their new satirical rap video, Greed is Good, might have just about 15,000 views on YouTube, but it’s a hot topic in financial circles. “As consumers, we need to stop the finger-pointing and start taking individual responsibility for our own decisions,” says Papadopoulos, whose experience in banking was what brought everything together. “Unless you were coerced into taking a loan that you couldn’t afford, you as the consumer are just as responsible as Wall Street.” The sentiment might not appeal, but the rhythm does, especially to Indians familiar with rappers such as M.I.A. or Maya Arulpragasam, Yogi B and Natchatra, Bohemia, and, of course, much of A.R. Rahman’s music.

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