Congress leader and spokesperson on economic matters Professor Gourav Vallabh today tendered his resignation from all posts he held in the party, saying his conscience does not allow raising “slogans against wealth creators” and the “Sanatan” culture of the country. In his resignation, he also claimed that there is a huge disconnect of the Congress party from the ground realities.

“The Congress party is directionless. I can neither raise anti-Sanatan slogans nor abuse the wealth creators of the country day and night. Therefore, I am resigning from all posts and primary membership of the party,” Vallabh says via a tweet earlier today. Vallabh, a professor in economics, has been one of the key spokespersons of the party on economic issues. He raised several issues including spiralling inflation and fuel prices.

In his resignation to party president, Mallikarjuna Kharge, Vallabh said, “I am a professor of economics. Upon joining the Congress, the party made me the national spokesperson. I have put forth the issues concerning the country. But I have been feeling uncomfortable with the party's stand for some time.”

Vallabh says in the letter that on the economic front, the party has resorted to constantly demeaning and abusing the wealth creators of the country. “The party has gone against the principles of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. It was once recognised globally for implementing these policies in the country. The party’s view on disinvestment has been very negative. Is generating wealth through business activity wrong in our country,” Vallabh asked via the letter.

Vallabh pointed out that with the poll plank of caste census, being vociferously advocated by the party, the Congress is being seen standing against the entire Hindu community. “It is sending a wrong message to the people that the Congress party favours a particular community. This is against the basic guiding principles of the party,” Vallabh adds.

Vallabh says he is aghast with the Congress party’s stand on the Ram Mandir issue. “Several people in the party and its several alliance partners speak against the Sanatan values. Party’s silence on it is like giving quiet support,” Vallabh says.

“When I joined the Congress party, I believed that the Congress being the oldest party in the country, values young, intellectual people and their ideas. But in the last few years, I realised that the current form of the party is not able to adjust itself with the youth with new ideas. The party’s ground level connect has completely broken and it is not understanding the aspirations of the country. Due to this, the party is neither coming to power nor effectively playing the role of a strong opposition. This discourages karyakartas like me. Narrowing the gap between the top leadership and ground-level workers of the party is a political necessity. Unless a karyakarta is able to directly communicate suggestions to the leadership, any positive change is impossible,” Vallabh says.

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