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Walmart’s Fl(IPO)kart moment

Walmart’s Fl(IPO)kart moment

Finally, the moment-in-the-sun for the Indian startup ecosystem seems to be on the horizon. And this is why the fate of Flipkart's maiden IPO—that too worth $10 billion— matters.

The great retail gold rush

The great retail gold rush

The Indian retail industry witnessed heightened activity this year. Seated at the high table are Reliance Industries, Walmart-owned Flipkart, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, and the Tata group. Game on, then.

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Inside the issue: January 2019  

Inside the issue: January 2019  

Why is the Walmart-Flipkart deal what we at Fortune India call the “Move of the year”? Our predictions on what the biggest trends and stories of 2019 are going to be, and more from the latest issue.