Blue Dart, a courier and package distribution company, has initiated drone deliveries through a partnership with Skye Air, a drone technology firm. This strategic move is part of Blue Dart's broader vision to enhance its logistics capabilities, marking a significant advancement towards more sustainable and efficient delivery solutions, the logistics firm says in a stock exchange filing.

With an initial focus on catering to the rapidly expanding e-commerce sector, this initiative aims to transform last-mile delivery services by offering same-day delivery options, thereby reducing delivery times and environmental footprints substantially.

The utilisation of drone technology builds upon the company's previous trials, including Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) tests in Vikarabad, Hyderabad, in September 2021, and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) trials under the Telangana government's 'Medicine from the Sky' initiative.

Although specific details regarding the regions covered, permissible package sizes, and weight limits for drone deliveries were not disclosed in the announcement, this development closely follows Skye Air CEO Ankit Kumar's recent declaration of launching drone deliveries in Gurugram. Kumar highlighted the potential of drones to navigate urban landscapes efficiently, avoiding traffic congestion and contributing to environmental conservation. He emphasised the revolutionary impact of drones on urban logistics, providing swift, eco-friendly, and precise delivery solutions.

Balfour Manuel, managing director of Blue Dart, said, "The logistics sector in India is experiencing an exhilarating phase. The nation's robust economic growth, coupled with the aspirations of its consumers and growth in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities, has significantly boosted purchasing power. This surge in demand emphasises the need for innovative solutions that drive growth while ensuring efficiency and sustainability. As we witness the marvel of drone technology, we eagerly anticipate extending this service further, with plans to cover additional pin codes in subsequent stages with our partners."

Skye Air's Kumar said, “We started with two drones and now our company has 30 drones. If you compare it with traditional methods, drones have countless advantages, especially in busy urban areas like Gurugram. First of all, drone delivery provides fast and efficient services as it is able to easily bypass traffic.

“This not only reduces delivery time but also eliminates traffic congestion and carbon emissions, promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics solution,” Kumar adds.

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