The Discover Collection Club may look like a fancy restaurant from the outside but step inside and members will discover that it's actually a modern health club with facilities that most leading five star hotels would be hard-pressed to provide.

So what makes Discover different from other fitness clubs? For one the environment is more five-star hotel resort than a hardcore blood-and-guts iron house and members have access to not just state-of-the-art equipment but also the guidance of a bevy of trained professionals, some of whom are internationally certified. Inside the vibe is more Beverly Hills spa with primo interiors, seating lounges and decor as opposed to glass and steel facades that most gymnasiums have.

At a business-arrangement the space for the facility has been licensed to the Ashoka Hotel (ITDC) and the club pays a fixed license fee in exchange.

Membership rates will range between ₹6 lakhs and ₹12 lakhs a year. Meraj Khan, Founder & Chairman, Gravity Global Group which runs the concept launched the luxury gym at the Ashoka Hotel in November and says that the invitation only membership will be offered to a limited list. 

Khan says an in-house team of 120 team members includes specialists in wellness, fitness, culinary and beauty.

How does Discover differentiate itself? For one, the center is centrally located in New Delhi and easily accessible to a cross section of residential neighborhoods from Shantiniketan to foreign Embassies at Chanakyapuri. 

Its facilities include a traditional Turkish Hammam, Slow Ageing Therapies such as Cryo-Therapy, Hyperbaric Therapy, Compression Therapy, Oligoscan and Red Light Therapy. Sauna and steam facilities are large, spacious and also part of the offering. 

Specifically, facilities that are unique include customised branded weights by Watson London, CryoPenguin from Sweden, Cryochamber from Art of Cryotherapy Germany, Vitajuwel from Germany, HyberBaric Oxygen Therapy and Red Light Therapy from USA, Kangen water systems from Sweden and the Oligoscan from France. 

Most fitness trainers across India skip the warm up and cool down phase during client sessions, but not at Discover where the experts don't just engage in the process that helps avoid injuries but also insist on it. Also, Workout equipment is next generation with machines that digitally display repetition count. 

There's also a restaurant, or two. A coffee style lounge called the Tea Salon adjoining the Hotel's pool serves up organic foods and beverages and a full scale eatery called The Glass House. The Discover's Culinary approach banks on food that is plant-Based, seasonal, wood Fired, rustic, sustainable, and farm To table as well as zero waste.

Beyond the well-heeled and calorie-conscious who really is the target audience?  "Our members are individuals with a vast exposure to luxury, who are looking to unwind in an exclusive space away from the city hustle. Our wellness center aids in the building relationships across professional and personal, and allows for  working-out in the gym,  spa treatments, classes, dining, scintillating  discussions with guest speakers and bespoke events designed for unique and varied interests."

Aditi Dugar founder of restaurant concept Masque which first began serving seasonal and farm-fresh food six years ago in Mumbai says that the food system supply-wise in general is becoming a challenge  when it comes to finding truly organic food. "Most lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and heart trouble are largely due to wrong eating and the truly healthy food is driven by pickled food, probiotic and low-cooked and low oil nutrition which is the future." Dugar says that it's a huge positive that gyms and clubs start to look at serving healthy food that is part of a wellness program because ultimately nutrition is two-thirds of the game while exercise is one third of it. 

The concept is also run by Bernhard Bohnenberger CEO who was earlier in leadership roles at the Sixth Senses Hotels Resorts Spas chain.  “We want to change the narrative around the relationship with wellness. Discover Collection in New Delhi is our first step towards building a global brand ” Bohnenberger said. 

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