FMCG majors need high velocity innovation in D2C: Marico


Marico is among the first legacy companies to adopt a D2C brand strategy. Saugata Gupta, MD & CEO, Marico, believes that though D2C brands are a must-have, they need to be looked at through a totally different lens. “The two models are completely different. The core model is all about driving distribution, penetration and having efficiency. The niche model is about having a high velocity of innovation, think big, start small, test and learn and scale up fast. The tail of the core is the prime of niche brands.”

The operating models are completely different and they have to operate separately. “Talent, compensation, processes, everything has to be different. We tried to get our internal people to do it, but that mindset is completely different. The risk appetite, entrepreneurial mindsets, the ability to take a low fixed salary, and having a high risk pay, is completely different,” Gupta further explains.

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