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Saket Modi, co-founder and CEO of IT risk assessment and digital security services provider Lucideus Tech, discusses disruption, and things that he would want to redo as an entrepreneur, on the sidelines of the 40 Under 40 summit in Bengaluru. Here are edited excerpts:

Q. One of the criterion for us to create the (40 Under 40) list is to look at the disruption one is bringing to the table. Can you tell us what Lucideus is doing right now, and what the future looks like for you?

A. Well, I am in the business of hacking, in the business of hacking technology. The central piece of transformation of the human race in the last 10 years has been technology. I think we have ascended in terms of our comfort, in terms of our way of living, in terms of any dimension of humanity you would talk about, and the centrepiece of that change is technology.

Technology comes with its own risks. Security correspondingly becomes the first question that comes to the mind of people when you are transforming the way you live. We are trying to disrupt that market, which is basically the shadow of technology.

Disruption really is happening, with the kind of team that we have built, we are able to go out and secure technology, enable the masses to use technology in a responsible, carefree fashion. That is what we are trying to disrupt and that is what we are trying to do.

Q. As an entrepreneur, if you look at your journey, there are several thing you would want to redo. Is there anything in particular, you would not do?

A. I checked the list and I think I am the second youngest person on it. I feel one of the things I would change is not moving too fast. I could have done certain things way faster. Or if I did certain things faster, I did not leave behind a trail for that to be reproduced in a manner which it is scalable. I think we have done reasonably well, but if I could reset certain settings in the past, I would say move even faster and while you move faster, you create these processes, which are replicable by different smart people, in India, and outside of India.

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