The era of Cryptocurrency and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is here and the world is rapidly mobilizing towards this growing trend. With a large number of countries easing the laws around cryptocurrency trading, more and more people are getting hooked on the sector in the pursuit of deriving rich dividends. This can be proved by the fact that a large number of artists, sportsman, athletes and movie stars have floated their own exclusive NFTs.

Taking the advantage of these emerging and growing trends, a lot of people are portraying themselves as trading experts, but Varun Datta saw this coming way before and is miles ahead of his peers in the domain. Varun Datta started investing in crypto currencies in 2014, introduced a crypto currency coin on Block-chain way back in 2018, when everyone else was sitting on the fence. He still holds bitcoin worth millions and keeps increasing his holdings in Crypto as well as NFTs. Varun Datta was born in India and now shuttles between Miami and London, UK.

Varun Datta, founded 4NEW a unique platform addressing crucial waste management & energy consumption crisis in Europe in 2018 and then handed over the reins to professional management to run and grow the platform.

Varun’s insights on crypto-currency and the evolving block chain technology are much sought after by investors looking to make a killing on their investments, he remains a believer in the DeFI domain and a long-term investor. He also encourages people to use cryptos as a trading currency and get into crypto mining, “there is a still a lot of coins that can be owned with a little effort and intelligence” says Varun.

Known as the Bitcoin Bulldog amongst his peers, with his vast practical knowledge, he is positioned as one of the new-generation cryptocurrencies thought leaders. The virtuoso, is now planning to launch an exclusive NFTs letting creative people from all walks of life earn through his knowledge of blockchain technology and network of wealthy investors.

“Your creativity or your art is your property and you should have the sole ownership of these assets and benefit from it, and no one else” while this is what most people feel but unfortunately there was no such platform to safeguard their digital assets be it their content in the form of original films or songs or even artworks. However, with the introduction of Non-Fungible Tokens, the problem has addressed to an extent and within a short span of time the blockchain ecosystem created a buzz among the investors with them capitalizing on the trend of owning digital art. This trend continues to date and shows no signs of declining in 2022 and beyond. With an abundance of exciting NFTs growing in value and proving themselves to be beneficial assets to own. This is what made the astute entrepreneur take up the plan to launch his own Non-Fungible Tokens but empowering the artists.

Talking about his plan to introduce his own NFT and his vision forward, Varun Datta stated, “The Non-Fungible Tokens have witnessed an unprecedented boom since its introduction and the market is on a rapid rise. What’s interesting about the realm is that it is quite adaptable and evolves with each of its use cases, making room for more growth in the streamlined, niche divisions within the sector. With my own NFTs, I plan to enhance visibility, revenue, and user density which is not preferable to do in other crypto businesses.

Apart from this, Varun has also incepted and invested in several companies across a plethora of sectors and is a true-blue angel investor, nurturing and developing great ideas in the form of companies.

Varun Datta is highly focused on his expertise in the realm of blockchain and in-depth understanding of cryptocurrencies, he envisions broadening of the scope even more in the coming years, he’s currently also working with a some technology companies to find a long term and sustainable solution to energy consumption in Crypto mining.

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