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November 2022
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Start-up Riches

Start-up Riches

A new generation of techpreneurs is building new-age solutions and creating companies valued at well over a billion dollars, helped by massive investor funding.

July 2022
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November 2021
February 2021
The secret of Nykaa’s success

The secret of Nykaa’s success

In a bleak 2020, beauty and fashion retailer Nykaa showed strategic nimbleness to stay strongly in the game, even managing to raise funds and become a unicorn in the process. Will it stay the course?

November 2020
Mothers and daughters

Mothers and daughters

In an earlier edition of our Most Powerful Women (MPW) in Business list, some women on the list opened up about their mothers or their daughters, and told us what they had learnt from each other.   

March 2020
February 2020