Video: Volvo’s driverless electric bus for Singapore


Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore and Volvo Buses have launched the world’s first full size, autonomous electric bus, the Volvo 7900. This is in partnership with Singapore government’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) to develop and conduct autonomous vehicle bus trials for fixed route and scheduled services. The single-deck Volvo electric bus is 12 metres long and has a full capacity of 80 passengers.

LTA is taking concrete steps towards a car lite Singapore. For instance it has announced that the growth rate for cars and motorcycles will now be pegged at 0%. They also want to infuse the walk, cycle and ride culture into the city’s DNA. For that, it’s betting on newer technologies like autonomous driving.

Currently awaiting approvals, there are plans in place to test the Volvo 7900 at NTU and a public bus operator SMRT’s depot, and to subsequently extend the route beyond the campus.

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