Lenovo has launched a Shared Support Centre in Bengaluru. The facility that includes a Network Operating Centre (NOC) and Security Operation Centre (SOC), will provide Remote Infrastructure Managed Services (RIM) to Lenovo’s customers globally.

The Shared Support Center is expected to create over 1,000 technical jobs over the next few years, reinforcing India’s position as a strategic location for IT services and innovation. The services provided by the Shared Support Center are suited for all types of organisations—be it small and medium businesses with limited IT support and large enterprises. It will cover entities across banking and financial services, retail, manufacturing, energy & utilities, technology services, and telecom.

Lenovo has continued to invest in R&D capabilities in India while nurturing local talent. It has already established manufacturing and R&D hubs in India, with over five million devices produced in the country last year across three manufacturing sites. While Lenovo is known for personal computers, today approximately 26% of its revenues in India are from non-PCs.

"Our new Shared Support Centre reflects Lenovo’s commitment to collaboration, harnessing India's exceptional tech talent to support and serve global markets. This strategic infrastructure investment is poised to drive exponential growth, offering cutting-edge solutions and services while solidifying Lenovo position in India as a prominent global tech hub. We take pride in contributing to the nation's progress and job creation, while also empowering businesses worldwide with advanced services and support capabilities," says Shailendra Katyal, managing director, Lenovo India.

In the initial phase, the Shared Support Center will deliver a suite of RIM Services on servers, operating systems, virtualisation, storage, network, data protection, database, middleware, security operations, public cloud operations and vendor management. Customers across the world have the flexibility to choose services tailored to their specific needs, be it hardware, operating system / virtualization, storage, network, database / middleware, or a comprehensive package of all these offerings. The RIM services encompass both managed IT infrastructure support and information security services, adhering to global standards.

Lenovo has manufacturing and R&D hubs in India which include manufacturing for PC, tablets and mobile phones, a development center for Cloud/Software, and 24x7 services support.

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