If you want a business to be successful, see how widespread the idea is: Alia Bhatt


Like any ambitious actor, Alia Bhatt has a passion for telling stories. But it isn't just restricted to the celluloid. The 29-year old actor who has a string of Box-Office successes to her credit applies the same philosophy when it comes to investments.

"When I invest, I am investing in the story, in the people and the vision. I am not really big on numbers. I do get it but that's not the first thing I think of. Sometimes, the numbers could really make sense but the idea may not make sense to me on, I may not go ahead with it. It may not be the most profound way of making investments. I like to keep it familiar to what I know, which is telling stories," says Bhatt.

Bhatt is a novice investor and entrepreneur but nonetheless an active one. She donned the hat of an investor by way of her preliminary investments in startups like StyleCracker, Nykaa; Bhatt widened her investment slate and of late has backed Kanpur-based biomaterial startup Phool. "The story that a brand is trying to tell or the gaps that a brand is filling in a market for a consumer, for its audience, that I am very interested in," says Bhatt. Adding to her entrepreneurial inclination, the actor also launched her own sustainable kidswear brand Ed-a-Mamma in October 2020 and the plan now is to build on the venture's growth by expanding the basket of products and offerings.

Although Bhatt is quite gung-ho about India's startup ecosystem, she is also cautious. "It is a very exciting time but you have to streamline and understand what is really here to stay. Businesses should stand the test of timeā€¦.if you want the business to be successful, if you want it to grow, you need to see how widespread the idea and the thought of the business is," says Bhatt.

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