Practo’s focus shifts to surgeries


Healthcare startup Practo earned its stripes creating SaaS (Software as a Service) models, and connecting patients with doctors—it helps schedule over 10 million doctor appointments every year on its platform. It then went on to help patients with their medicine and diagnostics needs. “We have recently started shifting our focus to the inpatient side, where we are now focusing on secondary care surgeries,” says Shashank N.D., co-founder of Bengaluru-based Practo, which was co-founded in 2008.

Last week, it unveiled over 50 Practo Care Surgery experience centres across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, as it chases the $12 billion secondary healthcare market. “If you look at our tertiary [health] care it's probably one of the best in the world. But secondary care and primary care is non-existent. And those are now being developed by companies like Practo,” adds Shashank. Currently, Practo Care Surgery is helping fulfill over 50 surgical procedures across three specialities: general surgery, urology and ENT.

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