Was hardest to figure out business model: 40u40 2024 Sanjeev Barnwal of Meesho


Sanjeev Barnwal, Founder and CTO of Meesho, who featured in 2024 edition of Fortune India’s 40 under 40 young entrepreneurs list, says that the mission of the company is to democratise internet commerce.

Barnwal, an IIT Delhi alumni, said that starting Meesho was the turning point of his career. “I quit my job and started Meesho and then through the platform we have created so much impact and there is so much more to be done.”    

“Meesho has more than 140 million monthly active users. We feel a lot needs to be done in line with our mission of democratising internet commerce. We want to take Meesho to deeper parts of the country,” says Barnwal in an interaction with Fortune India.

Recalling his entrepreneurial journey, he says, “We faced lots of problems in Meesho's journey. The hardest ones have been figuring out the right business models. And while we have iterated multiple times each iteration has been like pretty hard and we have come out stronger and with a much better and much stronger models.”

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Meesho Sanjeev Barnwal Meesho Founder

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