Global tech major Google Inc on Wednesday unveiled new features for its search option. Terming the features as Search on 2022, the company said they will help users search and explore information in new ways. These features will be right under the search bar option and will allow the user to shop screenshots, and translate text with camera, amongst others.

“At Search On today, we shared how we’re getting closer to making search experiences that reflect how we as people make sense of the world, thanks to advancements in machine learning. With a deeper understanding of information in its many forms — from language, to images, to things in the real world — we’re able to unlock entirely new ways to help people gather and explore information,” Cathy Edwards, VP/GM, Search said in a blog post.

Refined Search Option

In order to make accessibility of information easier, Google has introduced a feature where the user will be able to see the search result by using fewer words. “When you begin to type in a question, we can provide relevant content straight away, before you’ve even finished typing. As you start typing in the search box, we’ll provide keyword or topic options to help you craft your question.” Google said. This feature will be rolled out in the coming months. The company will also help specify the search option by providing relevant results.

Apart from this, the refined search option will help the user “to explore a subject by highlighting the most relevant and helpful information, including content from creators on the open web.” Moreover, Google is refining the search results by displaying the most relevant content.

“We're also reimagining the way we display results to better reflect the ways people explore topics. You’ll see the most relevant content, from a variety of sources, no matter what format the information comes in — whether that's text, images or video. And as you continue scrolling, you’ll see a new way to get inspired by related topics to your search. For instance, you may never have thought to visit the historic sites in Oaxaca or find live music while you’re there,” Google said.

Updated Multisearch Option

Google has added new features to its mutisearch option, which was introduced by the company last year. With the multisearch option, the user can use the phone camera to change the image into text. The new feature will allow the conversion of image into text in 70 different languages and will be rolled out in the next few months.

“With Lens, we’ve already gone beyond translating text to translating pictures. In fact, every month, people use Google to translate text in images over 1 billion times, across more than 100 languages,” Google said.  

Multisearch Near Me

Google has announced that its ‘Multisearch Near Me’ feature will be rolled out in fall this year in English in the US. The company had announced this feature in March this year. ‘Multisearch Near Me’ enables the user to snap a picture or take a screenshot of a dish or an item and then find it nearby instantly.

Updated Google Lens Translation

Amongst the new features, Google has updated the lens by using generative adversarial networks (also known as GAN models), which will help translate the text more clearly. This is the same technology that Google uses for Pixel devices as the Magic Eraser feature on photos. This feature will be launched next year.

Google app shortcuts for iOS

Google has also added shortcuts in its Google Search app to make it easier for users to search, translate, use voice search, and upload screenshots amongst others. While the feature is launched for the US-based iOS users today, it will be rolled out for Android users later this year.

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