AIIMS Delhi has deployed consumer robotics company Milagrow’s two artificial intelligence-powered robots at its advanced Covid-19 ward.

According to the company, Milagrow iMap 9, a floor-disinfecting robot, can destroy Covid-19 spores on floor surfaces by using sodium hypochlorite solution. It can move around autonomously without falling or obstructing using Light Detection and Ranging, or LIDAR, and advanced Simultaneous Localization And Mapping, or SLAM, technologies.

Milagrow’s Real Time Terrain Recognition Technology (RT2RT) enables its robots to scan 360°, 6 times per second, to make a floor map in real time with an accuracy of up to 8mm over a 16m distance.

“This enables the iMap 9 to perform successfully in the first attempt, whereas other robots can take twice or thrice the time. Additionally, the robot can do zoning, virtual blocking of avoidable areas and sequential cleaning of zones based on specific needs,” the company says.

Humanoid ELF, the other robot, can be used by doctors to monitor and interact with Covid-19 patients remotely, significantly reducing the risk of infection.

It can navigate around the ward independently and record the activities in high definition video and audio. It comes with eight hours of battery life, more than sixty sensors, a 3D camera and an HD camera, a 10.1" display screen and can travel about 2.9 km per hour.

“Patients in isolation wards can also interact with their relatives from time to time through this robot,” the company said.

Rajeev Karwal, founder chairman, Milagrow, said that Milagrow Robots is happy to support AIIMS in its efforts to fight the Corona pandemic and will work closely to develop more products based on the feedback of actual conditions.

“Countries like The United States, China, and Italy have already successfully implemented AI-based robots at health facilities to minimize human intervention in treating Covid-19 patients, and India can replicate the same to provide some relief to its frontline healthcare workers in their battle against Coronavirus,” Karwal said. “Our state-of-the-art robots will help check the virus spread and protect the doctors, nurses and caregivers from getting infected.”

As of Wednesday, the number of confirmed cases in India stood at 19,984, 3,870 were cured and the death toll stood at 640. The lockdown announced on March 25 to check the spread of the virus has been extended to May 3.

The global count of confirmed cases stood at 2.5 million, 686,634 have recovered. The death toll stood at 177,496.

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