India Inc needs to create a conducive environment for women at work


Jyoti Deshpande, head of media and entertainment business, and president, chairman’s office, Reliance Industries talks to Aveek Datta, senior associate editor and editor (special projects), Fortune India about steps that India Inc need to take to make the workplace a better one for women.

What can India Inc do to make the workplace a better one for women?

All of us women who have reached to a certain place talk about meritoriously getting to the top, making the workplace a better environment for people to come in and work, especially women. We have heard in the panels that in many cases, right at the education level or early stages of employment itself, women themselves make choices that take them off the consideration list for making it to the top, look for jobs that are easier, etc. For those women who are driven and really want to make it to the top, workplaces have to ensure that they provide equal opportunities to them. Women leaders should actively seek out other women to mentor and give them the tools to make it to the top. I don’t think women who want to rise are looking for concessions or are saying that they want concessions or not willing to work just as hard. There are women who are willing to work just as hard. Organisations need to make it conducive. The meritorious nature of the growth needs to be more transparent so that people know what they need to do to rise and hit a certain position.

What does it mean to you to be featured on Fortune India's Most Powerful Women list?

It means that we are here to inspire other women, breaking the glass ceiling, showing that hard work and dedication can get you to the top. But, more than anything else, when you get to meet these wonderful women who have risen to the top and have different stories to share, they are all tales of inspiration. Women in our country need to hear those stories to keep going and making it.

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