Covid-19 has resulted in a complete overhaul of business strategies across industries with a focussed shift towards digital solutions. While businesses have always adapted to meet consumer expectations, the goal posts were moved further when the pandemic disrupted the landscape. Companies need the combined power of analytics, Artificial Intelligence (A.I), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Machine Learning (ML) to re-capture customers in the new normal.

Consumers are now more empowered and brand-agnostic, and demand swift resolutions. As customer conversations become more complex, companies should explore integrated customer experience models that combine digital technologies and digital skill sets. Such a model paves the way for personalised experience to be delivered, with empathy, in an age where a single adverse experience creates a negative ripple effect to derail growth.

While A.I. and automation have been enabling companies to digitise customer experience platforms, conversational A.I is fast becoming a crucial driver of personalized experience. Conversational AI in a digitally integrated customer experience platform combines RPA, ML, A.I, chatbots, analytics and biometric security. The adoption and assimilation of these technologies, known as Conversational Service Automation (CSA), enables deep integration of conversational AI in customer service models and helps businesses drive improved outcomes.

Digitally integrated customer experience models such as EXPIRIUS are prime examples of how CSA's true usage can simplify processes across industries to drive improved outcomes. These models combine digital capabilities with a human-assisted design to drive proactive, contextual and intelligent interactions across self-service and assisted channels. They also help in customer segmentation, and enable cost optimization and data monetisation. Measurable outcomes include 30%-50% reduced cost of ownership, 10%-15% customer advocacy improvement and 20%-25% incremental yield per customer across channels.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, the right tools and technologies that offer agility and scalability will result in revenue growth, and lead to customer acquisition and retention.

Views are personal. The author is Head of Customer Interaction Services, WNS.

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