Most Indian workers are satisfied with their jobs and their relationships with their colleagues but not happy with their salaries.

According to the Monster Salary Index, 75% of the respondents in a survey expressed their satisfaction with their jobs. However, the number of those happy with their salaries fell by 21.6%, compared to last year. The level of satisfaction with pay, says Monster, was at the lowest between January 2016 and December 2018.

While 92% said they were most satisfied with their relationships with colleagues, 87% said they are happy with their superiors.

Employees in sectors such as construction and technical consultancy, healthcare, caring services, social work, information and communication, legal and market consultancy, and business activities were highly satisfied with their jobs, said the survey.

According to the survey, legal and market consultancy sectors showed the highest levels of job satisfaction at 84%, whereas respondents from the construction and technical consultancy sector registered 83% level of satisfaction.

“It is a positive sign that only three among all the recorded industries have the satisfaction level less than 70% and none below 50%. This will help the respective sectors instil optimism in the economy, in turn helping in improvement of the general sentiment,” says Krish Seshadri, CEO,, APAC & Middle East.

Information and communication technology services registered the highest growth in the level of satisfaction, gaining 3% over 2017. Education and research registered the steepest fall in satisfaction levels to 53% in 2018 from 73% in 2017, the survey said.

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