The chase for a senior resource is no cakewalk. To identify and attract the finest leaders takes a great amount of effort and hard work. However, increased connectivity and access to information conferred upon us by the modern world gives the companies multiple choices to choose from. Today, the world has become smaller as social media gives ample opportunities and options to begin and end your search for a critical position. Moreover, thanks to remote working becoming a “new normal,” the leadership talent has a global marketplace to choose their next employer.

One of the few factors that one needs to consider for drawing the best of the lot from the talent pool of leadership includes the image as an employer. There is a reason why some of the biggest firms in the world such as Microsoft or Google are seen as good employers. This is because they have created their market reputation and brand value in a way that interests job searchers from across the world. To reach or surpass that level, companies must continuously work on themselves through various mediums—social or digital, which are ruling the roost these days. Having said that, even the traditional mediums, such as “Word of Mouth,” continue to enjoy great credibility.

An image is also positively built by being conscious of the work culture you cultivate and the people you hire. Leadership style is one of the biggest determining factors for any workplace culture. While the style can vary with different leaders, keeping in mind each employee’s personality and requirements helps in developing their capabilities for superior work experiences.

Another factor for attracting talent is presentation, which has undergone a sea change through the 21st century and even more during the Covid-19 pandemic. How a company presents a job to the market is crucial but often overlooked. Earlier the hiring process revolved around just one source, while today, owing to social media, there are a host of new choices. Multiple mediums including applications, websites, and platforms make the process way smoother. And with the pandemic induced “work from home” gaining ground lately, even remote hiring has become a “new normal.” Bringing flexibility to hire from across the globe, remote hiring has opened the doors to opportunities galore. Firstly, it promotes diversity by throwing the opportunities open to the best talents from across the world. Secondly, it allows the companies to curb the risk of losing quality contenders to more dynamic brands.

In the job market, it is critical to have a good brand ambassador. In other words, the one who represents you must be experienced enough to present you well. A good partner can enable you to build valuable connections to decide your future. A general perception is that it is easy to hire a CEO but the fact is that filtering and finding a good resource can be challenging without a good partner. It is therefore a strenuous process without good representatives.

Gone are the days when job listings were the only resort to hire leadership talent. Today, being proactive is as important as the regular practices of enlisting jobs across all mediums. To shine, one must go out to ensure their social presence and engage in meetings and conversations with the right people. Attending trade and job fairs and conversing with candidates opens avenues and enhances your market presence.

Companies must never underestimate the power of technology. Modern brands need modern technology to attract the right talent. In today’s day and age, people are digital natives with tech-based experiences at their fingertips. The forward-thinking professionals want to be associated with companies that can augment their working life through high-performing tech tools. Companies, therefore, need to upgrade themselves with the latest technology to make rapid progress and attract the right talent. Right from augmented and virtual reality to artificial intelligence, or the Internet of Things, digital innovations make your company a serious contender to draw the very best leaders.

Lastly, employers must understand that while money is important and attractive to any potential candidate, it is the additional benefits including health and lifestyle packages that play a massive role in attracting the best talent for a critical position.

Drawing the best leadership is an ongoing process. Companies need to constantly assess the different methods of employing to continue making progress. They must be open to trying new and different approaches while ditching the less effective methods.

Views are personal. The author is Managing Partner, India & Singapore, Stanton Chase.

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