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Vinamra Pandiya, 37

Founder, Qtrove

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Pandiya is a chemical engineer who calls himself a coder by chance and an entrepreneur by choice. A professional in the food-tech industry for more than 10 years, he started Qtrove in 2016 when he realised that nobody else was working in the online healthy packaged food segment. Slowly, he developed Qtrove as an online marketplace for non-mass produced curated organic food, personal care, home décor, and handmade products. “I can replace every product in your house except fresh fruit and vegetables,” he says. Today, the Bengaluru-based startup has over 600 sellers across the country and more than 6,000 products in over 40 categories on the platform. One gets a hint of CEO Pandiya’s aspirations of going global and competing with the likes of New York-based AHAlife from the company’s name. “Q stands for curated and trove is a store for valuable things. We wanted the name to have a global appeal,” he says. Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd invested $51.57 million in Qtrove last year, its largest investment so far. Qtrove clocks about 103,000 orders a day.