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Puneet Kothapa, 

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PUNEET KOTHAPA, the 35-year-old son in law of founder Dr. P. Narayana, joined the Narayana group of schools in 2012 after five years with Ernst and Young. The school, first set up 44 years ago in Telangana, received traction when Puneet and his wife, Sindhura P. joined the firm. “Narayana schools were set up to meet the aspirations of middle-class parents,” says Kothapa.
The plan is be present in every district across the country. Currently it is in 60 districts, 21 states and 2 Union Territories with 354 schools, 241 junior colleges and 54 coaching centres. “The vision is to set up a school in at least 500 districts,” says Kothapa.
A central team of 600, along with a three-member academic team, handled by Kothapa’s wife, plans lessons, down to chapters and pages. “Lesson plans are sent to every teacher’s inbox almost a quarter in advance.” says Kothapa. At any given point, all classrooms across the country deliver the same content following this micro schedule. For every 10 schools, there are three zonal coordinators. Class sizes vary from 25 in primary to 50-55 for high school.
With investments by Morgan Stanley and The Banyan Tree and a turnover of ₹3,500 crore, the school is notching up speed.