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Shruti Shibulal, 

CEO & Director
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“WE CONSIDER BOTH people and profit when we consider business goals,” says Shruti Shibulal, CEO and director, Tamara Leisure Experiences, which focuses on designing, building, and operating ‘responsible’ hotels and resorts in India and Germany.
For Shibulal, offering ‘sustainable holidays’ has been part of the business model ever since the company’s flagship property — The Tamara Coorg — began operations in April 2012. But the 38-year-old hotelier agrees there has been a certain “buzziness” about “responsible tourism” post pandemic. “However, it will take more than ‘buzziness’ to get there, it needs to come into policy… to ensure it is something that is more permanent,” she says, adding, the shift towards responsible tourism is driven by consumers, who are now smarter and more mindful and research-oriented.
Tamara Leisure has multiple ongoing initiatives focused on sustainability. The company, for instance, is using Internet of Things to make its hotels more automated so that they are equally efficient in high and low-occupancy scenarios. It has also introduced a sustainable purchase policy. “It means you have to know the supply chain, and that it all comes from good places. It is about trying to build a responsible ecosystem,” says Shibulal.
The last five years have been crucial for Tamara Leisure, which started expanding only in 2018. It was also a challenging time for the hospitality industry due to the pandemic-induced travel restrictions. Tamara used the time to enhance employee skills and prepare itself for the next phase of growth. “I brought on a few strong leaders just before and during the pandemic. The industry was struggling so you had a lot of talent available, and we stood out as a company which was not letting anyone go,” says Shibulal.
Revenues have grown nearly 94% over the last year. The company has launched Amal Tamara in Alleppey, Kerala, venturing into the ayurveda wellness segment. “Our concept is ayurveda for life. It is about bringing people into that lifestyle and ensuring they are able to sustain the benefits,” says Shibulal, who plans to launch four new hotels across the country.