40 Under 40

India’s brightest young business minds

A. Gupta and S. Kohli Co-Founders Grey Orange Robotics 25, 28 A. Gupta and S. Kohli,25, 28 Co-Founders,Grey Orange Robotics
Aditi Avasthi Co-Founder & CEO Indiavidual Learning 33 Aditi Avasthi,33 Co-Founder & CEO,Indiavidual Learning
Aditya Ghosh President & Executive Director Interglobe Aviation 39 Aditya Ghosh,39 President & Executive Director,Interglobe Aviation
Advitiya Sharma Co-Founder & COO Housing.Com 25 Advitiya Sharma,25 Co-Founder & COO,Housing.Com
Alok Goel CEO Freecharge 37 Alok Goel,37 CEO,Freecharge
Aneesh Reddy Co-Founder & CEO Capillary Technologies 30 Aneesh Reddy,30 Co-Founder & CEO,Capillary Technologies
Ankur Warikoo CEO Groupon India 34 Ankur Warikoo,34 CEO,Groupon India
Arunabh Kumar Founder & CEO The Viral Fever Media Labs 32 Arunabh Kumar,32 Founder & CEO,The Viral Fever Media Labs
Ashish Mehta Co-Founder & CEO Sokrati 36 Ashish Mehta,36 Co-Founder & CEO,Sokrati
Bhavish Aggarwal CEO Ola Cabs 29 Bhavish Aggarwal,29 CEO,Ola Cabs
Bikash Barai CEO IVIZ 33 Bikash Barai,33 CEO,IVIZ
Deepinder Goyal Founder & CEO Zomato 32 Deepinder Goyal,32 Founder & CEO,Zomato
G. Ramdas, V. Radhakrishnan Co-Founders Magzter 39, 37 G. Ramdas, V. Radhakrishnan,39, 37 Co-Founders,Magzter
Gaurav S. Kushwaha Founder & CEO Bluestone 35 Gaurav S. Kushwaha,35 Founder & CEO,Bluestone
Girish Mathrubootham Co-Founder & CEO Freshdesk 39 Girish Mathrubootham,39 Co-Founder & CEO,Freshdesk
Jaspreet Singh Co-Founder & CEO Druva 31 Jaspreet Singh,31 Co-Founder & CEO,Druva
Kavitha Iyer-Rodrigues Co-Founder & COO Theramyt Novobiologics 37 Kavitha Iyer-Rodrigues,37 Co-Founder & COO,Theramyt Novobiologics
Krishna Kumar Founder & CEO SimpliLearn 36 Krishna Kumar,36 Founder & CEO,SimpliLearn
Manu Jain Head Xiaomi India 33 Manu Jain,33 Head,Xiaomi India
Mohit Gundecha CEO Jombay 29 Mohit Gundecha,29 CEO,Jombay
Mukesh Bansal Co-Founder & CEO Myntra 39 Mukesh Bansal,39 Co-Founder & CEO,Myntra
Mustafa Ghouse CEO JSW Sports 34 Mustafa Ghouse,34 CEO,JSW Sports
Naveen Tewari Founder & CEO InMobi 37 Naveen Tewari,37 Founder & CEO,InMobi
Neha Kirpal Founder & Director India Art Fair 34 Neha Kirpal,34 Founder & Director,India Art Fair
Nikhil Ganju Country Manager, India TripAdvisor 39 Nikhil Ganju,39 Country Manager, India,TripAdvisor
Nishant Rao MD LinkedIn India & South Asia 36 Nishant Rao,36 MD,LinkedIn India & South Asia
P. Sankar and V. Banka Co-Founders Social Cops 23, 23 P. Sankar and V. Banka,23, 23 Co-Founders,Social Cops
Pallavi Gupta Co-Founder Mast Kalandar 37 Pallavi Gupta,37 Co-Founder,Mast Kalandar
R. Bansal and K. Bahl Co-Founders Snapdeal 30, 30 R. Bansal and K. Bahl,30, 30 Co-Founders,Snapdeal
Rahul Sharma Co-Founder Micromax 38 Rahul Sharma,38 Co-Founder,Micromax
Rajiv Srivatsa, Ashish Goel Co-Founders Urban Ladder 36, 36 Rajiv Srivatsa, Ashish Goel,36, 36 Co-Founders,Urban Ladder
Richa Kar Founder & CEO Zivame 34 Richa Kar,34 Founder & CEO,Zivame
Rishi Jaitly Market Director, India and South-East Asia Twitter 32 Rishi Jaitly,32 Market Director, India and South-East Asia,Twitter
Rohit Chaddha Co-Founder & MD Foopanda 32 Rohit Chaddha,32 Co-Founder & MD,Foopanda
Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal Co-Founders Flipkart 33, 32 Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal,33, 32 Co-Founders,Flipkart
Sattvik Mishra CEO Scoopwhoop Media 27 Sattvik Mishra,27 CEO,Scoopwhoop Media
Saurabh Mukherjea CEO Institutional Equities, Ambit Capital 38 Saurabh Mukherjea,38 CEO,Institutional Equities, Ambit Capital
Sumit Jain Co-Founder and CEO CommonFloor 30 Sumit Jain,30 Co-Founder and CEO,CommonFloor
Suraj Saharan COO Delhivery 38 Suraj Saharan,38 COO,Delhivery
Valerie Wagoner Co-Founder & CEO Zipdial 31 Valerie Wagoner,31 Co-Founder & CEO,Zipdial