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Deepak Dara: The Global Investor

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Deepak Dara, 

Senior MD, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
age: 39
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WHEN HE left the Indian shores in 2009, Deepak Dara, senior MD of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), was not sure about his ultimate calling. Born and raised in India, Dara’s foundational years in his homeland laid the groundwork for an international career that spans continents. After leaving India in 2009, he pursued MBA at Duke University, a decision that would crystallise his journey into the financial world. Post-MBA, he joined Capital One, further refining his expertise in finance. However, Dara’s ambitions saw him transition from the world of consulting, where he worked with PwC, Booz, and BCG, to a pension fund.
In 2020, a new chapter began for Dara as he joined OTPP, bringing with him experience and perspective shaped by years of international exposure and a diverse professional background. As advisor to the chief investment officer and the investments executive team, Dara played a pivotal role in shaping the organisation’s investment strategy, particularly through the lens of his understanding of both global and regional market dynamics.
As the senior managing director for OTPP, Dara’s return to India in early 2023 marked a full-circle moment in his career. His experience across multiple asset classes has helped OTPP’s expansion in the region. With over CAD 4.5 billion poured into India, Dara and his team have been cherry picking investments across PE and infra space with a focus on renewables. As the Canadian fund aims to hit $300 billion in assets by 2030 from the current CAD 247 billion, Dara knows a lot will be riding on his shoulders.