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Driving Patient Care At Medulance

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Pranav Bajaj, Ravjot Arora, 

Co-founders, Medulance Healthcare
age: 32, 33
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WHEN PRANAV BAJAJ and Ravjot Singh met at a friend’s place, they had no idea they would become business partners. They enjoyed each other’s company and often discussed personal stories of their life. Once they ended up discussing how difficult it was to get to hospital. It was not long before the idea of making ambulance services more efficient took hold. Both pooled around ₹10 lakh each and began aggregating all ambulance services in Delhi. Medulance also owns 400 ambulances. It serves 100 cities and, starting with Delhi, is now focusing on tie-ups with state governments. The service is backed with a call centre ’offering a voice of trust’ and trained personnel. It has also set up Medu clinics and a training institute, Medulance Healthcare Academy, for emergency response. As a team, Ravjot contributes through his technology background, while Pranav backs the team with his business acumen. Medulance generates revenue through subscriptions, both retail and corporate. Recently, in addition to going on Shark Tank, they also closed their first round of funding at $3 million with Alkemi Growth Capital as lead investor led by Deepinder Goyal, apart from Dexter Capital, Aman Gupta and Namita Thapar.