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The duo's personal hygiene product, a disposable urination device called PeeBuddy, addresses a major challenge women face in India: dirty public toilets. The idea of PeeBuddy struck Deep Bajaj (in pic) when he and his wife, along with another couple, were on a road trip to Jaipur. “We stopped at every fuel station for our wives to use the public toilets and they would often complain about how unhygienic these toilets were. At one point, my friend’s wife recalled that she had seen women using disposable urination devices in Europe and wished she had them here,” he says. Bajaj started the company with Rs 80 lakh in 2016 but his journey wasn’t easy as some conservative retail stores were initially reluctant to sell the product. But today with the support of the medical fraternity he has sold 750,000 units. The company raised pre-series A funding of Rs 2.9 crore last year.