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Samay Kohli and Akash Gupta, 29, 26


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Organisation building kept Kohli and Gupta busy in 2015, but it didn’t distract them from growing revenues of their robotics firm seven times. After establishing a base in Hong Kong, Grey Orange invested in a Japanese startup. Gupta also set up the Asia-Pacific-Japan office in Singapore. With the startup servicing three times the number of clients it did in 2014, closing the culture gap—between experienced employees and the younger ones, and between teams spread across geographies—has been the focus. “The systems that get you to 100 employees will not take you to 300. If you’re solving the same problem every three months, there’s a larger issue,” says Gupta. Spending time with the team, he believes, is the way to get all to share the vision. Possibly why Grey Orange’s founding team of nine is intact after three years.