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Director Marketing, India and South Asia, Tetra Pak

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Saumya Tyagi has sold everything from cooking oil and toothpaste to cosmetics. And now he’s driving sales at Tetra pak as the food processing and pack- aging company’s South Asia and India marketing head. His marketing mantra? Think out of the box. The 38-year-old management graduate has a diverse range of clients all the way from Nestlé and Amul to Parle and Haldiram’s, which means getting into the minds of an equally diverse range of customers. Not an easy job. So, how does he understand the mind of the consumer? Simple, he just peeps inside their refrigerators. Tyagi says he got a sense of consumer choices when he saw that refrigerators today have more juices and milk-based drinks rather than fizzy drinks—a seemingly unimportant bit of information to a layperson but key to a marketing professional. Of course, Tetra Pak does much more than sell cartons. “My role is that of an ambassador for Tetra Pak because we provide complete end-to-end solutions and not just packaging materials and machines to our clients, fast-moving consumer goods companies,” says Tyagi.