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Founder & CEO, LBB

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Looking for an authentic sushi bar in Delhi? Or wondering if there’s some alternative theatre in Mumbai over the weekend? No worries. Just turn to Little Black Book, a one-stop shop for everything from food and fashion to theatre and shopping in your city. The lifestyle website is just three years old, but it’s already grown into the go-to place for anybody looking for local recommendations in nine cities from Delhi and Mumbai to Bengaluru and Pune. Little Black Book, or LBB, is the brain child of 28-year-old Suchita Salwan, a quintessential Delhi millennial looking to discover her city. She might be heading a thriving business today, but it didn’t start out as that. It began as her Tumblr blog, documenting interesting places she’d discovered in Delhi. “It was basically me finding a way to make my life more interesting,” she says. “It was a way for me to discover my city on my own.” Soon, LBB had grown from a simple blog to a full-fledged website. Today, there’s a LBB for nine cities, and her website and app have 7 million page views a month, according to the company.