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Ameera Shah, 

Promoter and MD
age: 41
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During the early days of Covid-19, information about the virus was meagre. But Metropolis Healthcare, under Shah’s leadership, rose to the challenge. From March, when the lockdown was announced, the diagnostics chain trained a large number of people, and tried to alleviate fear of the virus from them. It now has eight Covid-19 testing labs, the highest for any private player. The company is valued at $1.25 billion, which is up from a valuation of half a billion dollars at the time of the IPO in April 2019. Covid-19 hasn’t really been kind to Metropolis and it battled multiple challenges: pressure on the company’s stock price due to economic uncertainty, sudden dip in customer footfall, and Shah’s personal ₹450-crore debt. She tackled these head-on. By July 2020, she retired her debt, and navigated Metropolis, as an able leader, through the choppy waters of a turbulent economy.