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The Disciplinarian at Metropolis

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Ameera Shah, 

Promoter and MD, Metropolis Healthcare
age: 42
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During the lockdown in March 2020, Ameera Shah, promoter and MD of Metropolis Healthcare, was expecting her first child. India was facing a larger crisis as testing kits were in short supply and not many labs were equipped to test for the virus. Being the secretary of NATHEALTH, the association of private healthcare providers, Shah had to act fast. Within a couple of days of giving birth, she swung into action, getting Metropolis ready to do large-scale testing and screening. "Those days, I was working 18 hours a day and many colleagues 24 hours," says Shah. The numbers speak for themselves. In FY21, Metropolis' revenues grew 17% to '998 crore, while profit after tax increased 44% to '183 crore. EBITDA margin stood at 30.2%. The company currently has 4,300 employees, 2,700 collection centres and 130 laboratories. In the next three years, Shah wants to add another 90 laboratories and 2,000 collection centres.