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Nivruti Rai, 

Country Head, Intel India
age: 51
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"Good companies survive them (crises), great companies are improved by them," said Andrew Grove, who made Intel the tech giant it is today. Nivruti Rai seems to be following this. As Covid-19 drove tech adoption, Intel built sustainable technologies. Under Rai, Intel India created a long-term framework of "cloud, network, edge-computing and devices" to support R&D, government and industry. A designer at heart, Rai is a staunch believer in the power of innovation, which, to her, is also about generating value for people and economic growth. Intel India last year launched programmes for skill training, rural connectivity and building AI research centres. AI is a game-changer, says Rai. The company claims to have trained more than 2,00,000 children and 5,000 government officials. Rai joined Intel in 1995 and anchored efforts to conserve chip power in microprocessors. In her new role as Vice-President of Foundry Services, she is leading IP design services and automotive verticals. Under Rai, Intel has incubated more than 70 start-ups.