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Lupin's US Market Expert

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Vinita Gupta, 

CEO, Lupin Laboratories
age: 53
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When your father takes you to a meeting when you are all of 14, chances are there will be no looking back. The immersive experience as a teenager helped CEO Vinita Gupta later while building on the business at Lupin. "The inflection point for me was, when my father [Desh Bandhu Gupta] asked me what I wanted to do. I told him, I would love to be part of what you have built, I would love to be part of Lupin. Then on, it was very structured." It is no secret that Gupta built the global business of Lupin after working on the blueprint for the US market for years. She worked with internal leaders, the management and external partners, selecting products that had been developed for the Indian market, but which had far more potential outside. The company is currently the third-largest generic player by prescription in the US with 167 products. The U.S. contributes 36% of its sales, and recorded a turnover of ₹14,927 crore in FY21.